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No more Flagler Shore!

We the undersigned are opposed to the City of West Palm Beach’s Flagler Shore project. This terribly designed and poorly thought out initiative is a public safety hazard, disruptive to area residents and businesses, a hindrance to traffic, and an ugly, trashy blight on Flagler Drive from Okeechobee Boulevard north to Banyan that degrades our magnificent and serene downtown waterfront.

Flagler Shore has serious consequences for residents and businesses. It has made traffic more dangerous; it has made it harder for police, firefighters, and paramedics to respond to emergencies; it has made parking even more difficult; and it has hurt local businesses. Worst of all, for all the disruption Flagler Shore has caused, it remains virtually unused by anyone.

We demand the City of West Palm Beach restore Flagler Drive to four lanes and put an end to the carnival atmosphere of the failed Flagler Shore experiment. We say No More Flagler Shore!

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