Frankel’s Flagler was the right idea

Frankel’s Flagler was the right idea

Former Mayor Lois Frankel’s beautiful concept for Flagler Drive was an inspired accomplishment for all of West Palm Beach. The wide lakeside walk with stationary seating and gathering areas allows us to appreciate the boats and water views. To the west, she created multiple large, open, grassy areas for concerts, the green market, special events and family Frisbee.

As I walked along the lake my attention was drawn to a child sitting on the curb crying. Her words to her father, “No, no, Daddy. Mommy said not to play in the street.”

Won’t someone tell our current mayor that in this country we don’t play in the street? Listen to our children. Remove the unsightly construction barricades and bring back our beautiful Flagler Drive for Christmas.


Palm Beach Post
December 11, 2017