Waterfront changes exacerbate traffic woes

Waterfront changes exacerbate traffic woes

Project Flagler Shore seems to generate a number of well-written and pointed objections to the mayor’s pet project at Palm Beach Post.com. As taxpayers, we appreciate the avenue that The Post has provided to air our displeasure with the way our tax dollars are being spent and applied to public projects.

We need to understand the specific criteria the city will utilize to evaluate the success of this aesthetic blight on our beautiful shoreline.

If traffic flow is one of the main criteria, the city is missing the point relative to what has happened to the waterfront. The orange safety barriers and large flashing sign south of Lakeview, and the ugly white barriers and another flashing sign north of Lakeview extend for almost a mile.

Driving northbound on Olive Avenue, more than once I have had a 30-foot food or other delivery truck just stop and block one lane for five minutes. With a now-restricted Flagler Drive, there is no option to avoid the problem.

Incidentally, if evaluating bike and walking flow on the now-closed east lanes of Flagler utilizing the city’s two outdated traffic monitors, please apply a factor to adjust for actual public usage. You must remove from the count the food trucks, trash collectors, security and grounds maintenance. Surprisingly, even the Segway tours do not use the street.


Palm Beach Post
January 10, 2018