Downtown shambles shows folly’s future

Downtown shambles shows folly’s future

Anyone who lives near downtown West Palm Beach and uses Flagler Dive on a regular basis can tell you this inconvenient eyesore is just like the South Cove Nature walkway in the Intracoastal (yes, that ridiculous project has a name). No one uses it. I drive on Flagler twice a day, every day at different times each day, and ask myself, “Who is this for; who does it benefit?”

The city can’t (or chooses not to) maintain the downtown area as it is, so why add another project they won’t keep clean? Clematis looks like a seedy, run-down street — sidewalks filthy, broken and shifting pavers in the sidewalks, closed storefronts, homeless sleeping in empty restaurant patios, etc.

And to make things worse, the city now sponsors “Food Truck Wednesdays” at the end of each month. Don’t restaurants on Clematis have enough trouble attracting clientele without the city providing additional competition?

Get rid of the Flagler Folly ASAP.


Palm Beach Post
January 19, 2018