Hoping for an end to Flagler Shore

Hoping for an end to Flagler Shore

The Fix Flagler Initiative and committee appreciate the Palm Beach Post for its unbiased coverage of the Flagler Shore project and its openness to printing so many letters to the editor from concerned citizens who oppose the project.

On Jan. 29, well over 150 citizens attended a West Palm Beach City Council meeting to share their desire to restore Flagler Drive with our elected officials. Of the dozens who spoke, nearly everyone agreed that we want no more Flagler Shore; only four individuals spoke in favor of the project.

As residents along Flagler Drive, our voices must be heard. Hundreds of us have signed petitions demanding an end to Flagler Shore. And many of us have pointed out the reasons why: Flagler Shore is ugly and disruptive, barely anyone uses it and the change in the traffic pattern is dangerous and confusing.

Many West Palm Beach residents are retirees. We simply want an attractive, easy to navigate downtown to enjoy. We do not want ugly barricades, porta-potties and loud music spoiling the already beautiful downtown waterfront.

As the March 1 end of Flagler Shore approaches, we are glad to see the project go and demand that Flagler Drive is permanently fixed back to the way it was. We will be watching for any bait-and-switch tactics and oppose any future efforts to reconfigure Flagler Drive. We understand it is not the mayor giving up on this experiment on March 1 but the boat show and its logistical requirements that drive the March 1 date. We just hope she will consider the public input and, after the boat show and SunFest, give us back our waterfront.

Let’s preserve our magnificent downtown waterfront and try experiments with improving the quality of life in West Palm Beach elsewhere. We strongly urge the mayor and city commissioners to Fix Flagler Drive and put an end to Flagler Shore.

February 20, 2018

Palm Beach Post