Let Flagler Shore expire March 1

Let Flagler Shore expire March 1


I am counting the days until the end of Flagler Shore and I implore West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio and the city commission to never bring back this misguided and disastrous initiative.

The sad part of my dislike of Flagler Shore is that I’m part of the demographic that the experiment has tried to attract. I live and work downtown and either walk or ride my bike along Flagler Drive every day. But I have never once used Flagler Shore because it’s dangerous and ugly. With no functioning stoplights between Okeechobee and Banyan boulevards, the two-lane flow of traffic is so bottlenecked and hardly any cars stop for pedestrians. Last week a silver sedan was actually driving south in the Flagler Shore lane and nearly hit me as I crossed to the sidewalk. It’s a wonder no one has been injured in this debacle.

We have a gorgeous sidewalk with ample room for walkers, bikers, Rollerbladers, strollers, etc. Who would want to walk in the street?

I have visited pedestrian malls in many other cities that this effort is trying to emulate, but they are lined with lively cafes, charming boutiques and vibrant street life. Flagler Shore will never be like that, and it has absolutely wasted our beautiful waterfront these past months.

I beg the mayor to be done with this fiasco on March 1 and to leave our gorgeous waterfront alone.

February 23, 2018

Palm Beach Post