Flagler Drive project a detriment to town

Flagler Drive project a detriment to town

As someone who has spent 45 years of her life in Palm Beach, with two family residences on the island, I write out of great concern (about the Flagler Shore project). While we embrace enhancements to our beautiful community, this would be a clear and painful detriment. It will detract from the many business owners and dining establishments in the area supporting our community. They pay high rents, high taxes, and offer beautiful and diverse options in both dining and shopping. They have created a culture that did not exist about 15 years ago, which is both exciting, additive, and respectful to the whole.

Not only do the residents enjoy this, but it also attracts tourists. Residents and visitors alike are adding dollars back to our community. To encourage, and allow, Flagler Shore inhibits all of the above. The traffic detracts from longstanding local business and is a huge inconvenience to both residents and the town. The business gains are minimal with the fare being offered and will drive out the anchor tenants of the area. This will clog the area with people who are spending very little, often littering, and paying nothing to the city.

While we are fortunate to be part of such a beautiful community, it is our responsibility to preserve it in a fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible way for years to come.


February 25, 2018

Palm Beach Daily News