Mayor’s intransigence won’t make Flagler Shore right

Mayor’s intransigence won’t make Flagler Shore right


West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio cherry-picks her comments and ignores the many resident voices who are opposed to her thinking. I would like to know how she can quantify her quote about “increased property values” directly linked to a Flagler Shore project.

Traffic congestion at the intersection of the middle bridge is bad enough and made worse by the closure of the northbound lanes, an issue she ignores. Furthermore, as the city continues its development push, how can the mayor make the statement that she knows “with absolute certainty that Flagler Drive was overbuilt”? That sounds very subjective.

To my observation, I found that closing those lanes was an inconvenience and that the space that was created was underutilized.

There was one positive outcome, however, and that was that the landscaping along the designated route was finally attended to after years of neglect by the city.

The mayor may declare the Flagler Shore project a success and firmly stand by it, but that doesn’t make her right.


March 7, 2018

Palm Beach Post