Forget Flagler Shore, beautify median instead

Forget Flagler Shore, beautify median instead

Mayor Jeri Muoio’s Palm Beach Post op-ed, “Flagler Shore a good step in improving space for all” (Saturday), proves once and for all that she plans to spend $35 million of taxpayer money to pursue Flagler Shore using Norwegian studies and Minnesota consultants.

The mayor talks of open space, yet she appears to have missed Planning 101. If she really wanted open space, she would stop new city developments from building sidewalk-to-sidewalk on narrow streets — which creates grand canyons between the tall buildings — and instead concentrate on grand streetscapes with palm trees and green space throughout the city.

Rather than ruining Flagler Drive, the mayor would do well to reverse course (which takes courage) and improve Flagler Drive’s beauty and safety.

She should take a (free) lesson from Park Avenue in New York City and add plantings and flowers down the Flagler Drive median, which would make the city more beautiful, valuable and enjoyable while at the same time improve safety by funneling pedestrians to the pedestrian crossings, rather than the current haphazard way people are now crossing.


March 9, 2018

Palm Beach Post