Flagler Shore REMOVED from Downtown Mobility Study!

Flagler Shore REMOVED from Downtown Mobility Study!

At Monday’s City Commission meeting, Mayor Muoio announced Flagler Shore was REMOVED from the Mobility Study! There is no doubt this last minute change was made thanks to the dozens of you who showed up to the meeting and all of you who wrote letters or made phone calls over the past week.

Your tireless efforts have resulted in the City waving the white flag on Flagler Shore not once, but twice now, and we truly appreciate your support.

We also thank Commissioners Cory Neering and Kelly Shoaf for confirming Flagler Shore’s removal before the vote occurred.

We truly hope this is the end of Flagler Shore. But we will always remain vigilant and alert you in the event Flagler Shore rears its ugly head again, whether out in the open or buried 121 pages deep in a draft city plan.

With Flagler Shore gone, we will now consider other options for staying engaged in West Palm Beach’s future. We hope to have more information for you in the near future. With the Mobility Study adopted, there will no doubt be efforts to reduce car lanes on major thoroughfares such as Dixie, Lakeview, and Okeechobee that will require active citizen input.

Thank you again for your efforts to defeat Flagler Shore!


Bob & Carol Garvy
Founders – Fix Flagler!