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Fix Flagler! is a coalition of concerned citizens opposed to the City of West Palm Beach’s Flagler Shore project. Millions have already been spent to beautify the area and make it welcoming and accessible to pedestrians, bicyclists, and others who value its uniqueness and serenity.

Ripping up the two easternmost lanes of Flagler Drive between Okeechobee and Banyon would create a safety hazard to those who travel through the area, significantly add to congestion, permanently disrupt residents and businesses who live and work there, and encourage an atmosphere unsuitable for the area.

Don’t be misled by the fancy graphics and flowery language of the Flagler Shore website. Flagler Shore worsens already congested traffic downtown and makes it more difficult for First Responders to deal with emergencies in the area. Flagler Drive is the main north-south thoroughfare between Good Samaritan Hospital and the south end of West Palm Beach.

Don’t be misled by statements from proponents of Flagler Shore that this is only an experiment and current lane barriers will come down on March 1st. What is not stated is that architects will then begin planning the permanent configuration resulting in major alterations of traffic flow.

Fix Flagler! supporters say No More Flagler Shore!

By working together to express our concerns we can restore the regular flow of traffic and prevent degradation of our beautiful waterfront.

If you want No More Flagler Shore, please join our email list today.

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Flagler Shore REMOVED from Downtown Mobility Study!

At Monday's City Commission meeting, Mayor Muoio announced Flagler Shore was REMOVED from the Mobility Study! There is no doubt this last minute change was made thanks to the dozens of you who showed up to the meeting and all of you who [...]

Use our contact cards and take action today!

Write and call our elected officials today! We believe it would be irresponsible for the City Commission to adopt the Mobility Study at their May 21, 2018 meeting prior to additional consideration of  potential negatives, complete financial disclosure of costs to taxpayers, and a referendum for voters to decide the issue.

Contact Mayor Jeri Muoio

Mayor Jeri Muoio

Phone: 561-822-1400

Email: jmuoio@wpb.org

Contact District 1 Commissioner Kelly Shoaf

District 1 Commissioner Kelly Shoaf

Phone: 561-822-1390

Email: kshoaf@wpb.org

Contact District 2 Commissioner Cory Neering

District 2 Commissioner Cory Neering

Phone: 561-822-1390

Email: cneering@wpb.org

Contact District 3 Commissioner Paula Ryan

District 3 Commissioner Paula Ryan

Phone: 561-822-1390

Email: pryan@wpb.org

Contact District 4 Commissioner Keith James

District 4 Commissioner Keith James

Phone: 561-822-1390

Email: kjames@wpb.org

Contact District 5 Commissioner Christina Lambert

District 5 Commissioner Christina Lambert

Phone: 561-822-1390

Email: clambert@wpb.org

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Mobility Study

Click here to view the Mobility Study – www.wpbmobility.com.  Once there, click on the Documents tab and then click Mobility Plan Document. Get ready for a 123 page grandiose and out of control spending and cultural change proposal.

Mobility Study